Mission Statement

The goal of the Manitoba Hypnotherapists’ Association is to promote the therapeutic applications and awareness of hypnosis and hypnotherapy to the public and professionals.

Who We Are…

Established in 1985, The Manitoba Hypnotherapists’ Association exists to ensure the highest quality of service to the public, to promote the awareness and use of hypnosis as a treatment, to train new hypnotherapists and to assist members in maintaining and improving their skills.

Members adhere to the Association standards of practice and ethics, as listed below:

  1. Members are required to explain the process of hypnosis to clients before a session and to gain informed consent.
  2. Members are required to confirm fees before treatment begins.
  3. Members will treat minors (children under 18) only with the written consent of the parent/guardian, and, if desired, in the presence of the parent/guardian.
  4. Members respect client wishes and dignity and will not, under any circumstances, use any approaches that contradict client wishes, dignity or legal/ethical standards.
  5. Members conform to all legal standards, including Freedom of Information requirements and maintain client confidentiality except in legally required circumstances, or by written permission.
  6. Members will not accept as a client any person of diminished capacity who is unable to give legal, informed consent to such treatment.
  7. Members will not enter into a personal relationship with any client or immediate member of that person’s family for a minimum of one year after the end of services.
  8. Members will work only with clients that are within the clinician’s area of competence, and consult with and refer to other professionals when required or desired by the client.
  9. Members seek out ongoing professional education.
  10. Members maintain professional documentation of treatment and will disclose these records upon request as per the Freedom of Information Act.

The professional/ethical standards subscribed to by practicing members are for the protection of clients and provide clinicians with approved guidelines.