The following list is compiled by first name chronology; unless otherwise stated therapists are available in the Winnipeg, Manitoba area:

Walter Falk




Alice Soshycki, BSW

Home: (204) 623-3010, The Pas, MB
Cell: (204) 627-0878

Alice Soshycki, has her degree in Social work and worked as a social worker and counseller in The Pas hospital. She has been working as a certified hypnotherapist for the past eleven years. She provides hypnosis therapy in such areas as smoking cessation, weight control, chronic pain control, stress management, preparing for surgery; enhanced study, exam stress reduction, and improved memory.

Alice is also a reflexologist and is available for workshops and groups for both reflexology and hypnotherapy.




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Ann (Morgan) Willacy Comrie, BA, CHt, eft pract.

Phone: (204) 781-1233

Morgan has been active on the Board of Directors of the Manitoba Hypnotherapists Association for the past eleven years, and is in her third term as President of the Association and is a certified examiner for the MHA.

Certified as a Clinical Counselling Hypnosis Therapist, and as an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, Morgan also has a background as a certified counsellor and crisis counsellor, has trained groups in personal growth seminars and counselling and does group presentations and workshops in hypnosis and stress management in business.

If you are living with fears, phobias, anxiety, stress, weight issues, smoking, pain management and learning difficulties and if you have decided to make changes in your life.....making the change is easier with hypnosis.


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Catherine Holmes, Phd

Phone: (204) 888-7053

Catherine received her Doctorate through The American Institute of Hypnotherapy with the University of California. Studied and examined by the National Board for Hypnotic Anesthesiology and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Studied Client-Centered Clinical Application and Advanced Concepts in Clinical Practice. Certified Hypno-Anesthesia Therapist in 1987. Studied with Steve Davis, neuro-linguistics at the University of Winnipeg. She is certified by the University of Manitoba Applied Counseling Skills

She has appeared on radio and television and presented papers and conducted workshops at conferences in San Diego, Atlanta, New Orleans, Tucson, Chicago and Canada. Taught at St. Johns University in Slidell, Louisiana and at University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine for first year medical students.


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Elizabeth (Lizzie) Dyer

Phone: 204-239-1370 / Cell: 204-870-2331

Elizabeth Dyer is certified in Applied Counseling, Usui, Karuna®, and Lightarian™ Reiki, Quantum Touch®, Hypnotherapy and Advanced Hypnotherapy: Past Life Regression.

She worked as a Psychiatric Nurse in the area of mental and emotional health for many years. As a trained Reiki Master, Elizabeth teaches workshops in Usui, Karuna and Lightarian Reiki. In addition she works in other metaphysical areas including shamanism and crystals.

Through the use of hypnotherapy techniques, Elizabeth Dyer helps people make positive changes in their lives – whether working toward eating healthful foods, a positive body image, pain control, problem solving, better focus, leaving the past behind, and more – hypnotherapy is a gentle tool for change.

Elizabeth is particularly interested in Past Life Regression. It is a gentle way to heal and to change life long negative patterns.

Elizabeth Dyer lives in Portage la Prairie. She is willing to travel to Winnipeg and other places.



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Jake Schmidt

Phone: (204) 338-3339

In private practice since 1975, has trained under a number of leading practitioners in individual, couple, and family therapy.

Jake's experience includes pastoral ministries, adult and juvenile corrections, employment counselling, staff training, and group facilitation.

Jake is a Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


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Kelly Lawrence, CHt, EFT practitioner

Phone: (204) 227-8752

Kelly Lawrence received her training and certification through the Manitoba Hypnotherapists' Association (MHA). Kelly discovered hypnotherapy on her quest to help her own health and sleep issues. She appreciates the fact that hypnosis is non-invasive and the results are often immediate. She uses hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, weight management, relationship issues, stress reduction, and preparing for childbirth. Kelly also uses hypnosis to ease chronic pain and illness, fears and anxiety, sleep issues, major life changes, and welcomes the opportunity to explore Past Lives as a way to aid in healing and supporting positive change. Kelly has a special interest in helping children. Hypnosis is an easy and effective way to help children with school and test anxiety, pain and illness, bullying, improving self-image, and can minimize behaviours associated with ADHD.

Kelly enjoys helping others discover the various uses and benefits of hypnosis and volunteers her time for staff at the Health Sciences Centre.
Kelly has always had an interest in alternative therapies and is certified in Advanced Hypnotherapy-Past Life Regression, Reiki, and Stress Reduction (STRESS-LESS™). She is an Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner, and has completed workshops in Hypnosis Mastery Technique and Pediatric Hypnosis.

Kelly is a certified member of the Manitoba Hypnotherapists’ Association (MHA), the National Guild of Hypnotherapists (NGH) and the National Transpersonal Association of Hypnotherapists (NATH).



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Kim Parke, CHt.

Phone: (204) 417-8793

I started training in hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy TM, in 2007 completing my certification in 2011.

Inward Action specializes in permanent weight loss, smoking cessation and stress management reduction. Clients benefit with over 30 years of my nutritional study. I have worked with clients who wanted to improve memory and concentration; confidence building is another area of focus.

In three decades of my own self help and life improvement, the results I have personally experienced and seen in other`s who have made a commitment to wellness, hypnotherapy and time line are among the very best and proves that our sub-conscious mind is what is in control.


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Marianne Gillis, BSc. CHt.

Phone: (204) 253-5919

Marianne Gillis is a graduate of the University of Manitoba and a former accountant. After raising two daughters and freelancing as a magazine writer and computer programmer, she revisited her long forgotten dream of flying and got her private pilot's license. This passion opened the door to discovery of altered states of consciousness and healing energies.

Marianne is a Lightarian Reiki Master and teaches spiritual workshops in Reiki, Karuna and Lightarian. She is a graduate of the Gateway program at the Monroe Institute in Virginia (TMI) and has studied with many spiritual healers and shamans in both Canada and the US.

As a shamanic practitioner (FSS trained) she is forever studying the ancient texts and incorporating them into her healing practice.

Marianne’s primary focus is soul exploration and healing through spiritual regression: past life regression and beyond, she facilitates past life regression and Life Between Lives (LBL) regression. Marianne is a member of the Manitoba Hypnotherapists' Association (MHA), the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH) the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and The Newton Institute for Life Between Lives


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Marjorie Reynolds
Phone: 452-1035

Marjorie specializes in Past Live Regression, Life between lives, she travels extensively, giving seminars in Mexico City and in the USA
For many years Marjorie has been a contributor and editor for books written by the late Henry Balduc



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Penny Haywood
Phone: 204-226-0355

Penny began many years ago to explore alternative options to good mental, physical and spiritual health. While working with her own GP, Penny has used, and still uses, meditation, Reiki and now hypnosis for her own personal holistic well-being, including for weight loss, sleep issues, mental focus, physical injury pain, stress and stress-related issues, and has found that these methods have been of enormous benefit. She would love to be able to help you to do the same.

As well as being a Hypnotherapist, Penny is certified in Reiki 1 & 2 and in Spiritual Diversity – a joint project for holistic healing through Health Science Centre and the University of Winnipeg. Penny has been a meditator for over 10 years and has studied meditation with various local and international teachers, including several meditation and teaching retreats with Tibetan Monk Losang Samten.

Penny is also a professional writer. Through a combination of her training, skills and experience Penny will develop and write, with her clients, personal healing sessions for each individual’s needs.


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Rifa Hodgson, B.Ed/Mus

Phone: (604) 741-7944

Rifa lives and practices in Roberts Creek, BC
She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life & Life Between Lives Therapist, Hypno-Fertility Therapist, and EFT Coach.




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Roman Buchok

Phone: (204) 880-0796
Address: 62 Roslyn Road

Roman Buchok of MindLife Hypnosis uses hypnosis and meditation: natural states of deep relaxation and focused awareness, to enable you to reduce stress, alter habits and improve performance and quality of life.

Roman is a certified hypnotherapist with the National Guild Of Hypnotists. He is also a member of the Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists.

In addition to ongoing studies in counseling he has been a Zen meditation practitioner and member of the Toronto Zen Centre for the last fifteen years. Roman has special interests in the areas of practical meditation and stress reduction as well as addiction issues and performance improvement in sports, academics and the arts.

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Sandra Marie Martens, B.A.
Phone: 204-998-2700

Sandra Martens is a transformational healer who most enjoys delving into the foundational depths of healing. She believes that depression, anxiety, addictions and most other problems are only possible when you believe there is something wrong with you. You will naturally strive for total health and happiness, what Life created you for, when you know you are worth it.

There was a time when you knew you were worth every effort to be healthy and happy, and then there was a time when something happened to cause you to decide otherwise. Sandra helps you to reverse that decision in your subconscious mind where it first began, so you can return to your natural state of powerfully loving and joyful wholeness.

Sandra is Master Certified in Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Timeline& Past Life Regression, and Reiki. She is also trained in Hawaiian Shamanism and Focusing. As well as a B.A., she holds a C.A.C.E. (Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education).



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Tanya Blais,

Phone: 204-795-6096

Tanya is a certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher Lightarian Level 3, Integrated Energy Therapist, Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner.

She is a member of The Manitoba Hypnotherapist Association and The National Guild of Hypnotherapists. Helping people in many areas, including destructive habits and behaviors, fears, pain control, anxiety, stress, performance, letting go of the past and more. Tanya also does Past Life Regression where she helps to heal your soul by healing your past.


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Terry Harapiak, MSW, SAP, Cht, ACC, EFT practitioner/trainer

Phone: (204) 389-5877

Lumina Counselling and Training

Extensive experience and training in working with all manner of emotional traumas, phobias, chronic pain, addictions and unresolved grief; background in psychotherapy, counselling and training; spiritual and existential.



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